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Campus Access Thesis



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Caroline Nagel


This thesis seeks to investigate the ways in which Qatari students at Education City (a campus space that houses six US universities in Doha, Qatar) are negotiating the competing imperatives embodied by this space through the transplantation of not only Western ideals and values in the Gulf, but also the direct pedagogical principles of Western institutions in name and action to a region that is undergoing rapid economic development along neoliberal capitalist lines. It seeks to investigate how Qataris who are attending Education City are situating themselves in the local, national and global realms and how (or if) they are negotiating their new globalized identities with their traditional ones by creating an understanding of citizenship that conforms to neoliberal imperatives while still adhering to nation-state oriented conceptions of social membership and citizenship.


© 2010, Andrew Derik Cockram