Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Exercise Science

First Advisor

Harriet Williams


Objective: To examine the impact of Tai Chi on mobility, balance, and psychological function as selected risk factors for falls among older adults.

Sources of Data: A review of relevant literature was performed via computer search, including University of South Carolina Library databases and Pub Med; a manual search of reference sections was also used.

Selection of Articles: Studies were screened prior to review. Those that had Tai Chi interventions focusing on at least one relevant outcome measure based and met the appropriate inclusion criteria were included.

Results: Of 30 studies, 22 reported Tai Chi having significant beneficial effects on parameters related to mobility, balance, and psychological function in older adults. An additional 4 studies reported non-significant positive impacts from Tai Chi training.

Conclusion: The data from this review shows that Tai Chi does have beneficial effects on factors associated with mobility, balance, and psychological function. More specifically, Tai Chi appears to positively reduce selected risk factors linked to falls among older adults.


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