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Campus Access Dissertation


Instruction and Teacher Education


Curriculum and Instruction

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Rhonda B. Jeffries


Information literacy, defined as, "the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information" (American Library Association, 2003, 1), is necessary for success in life. The present study will examine whether the factors of gender, race, and/or socioeconomic status impact information literacy performance and information literacy perception of skill as measured by the Research Readiness Self-Assessment (RRSA-lib). After being informed of their perceived skill and their actual performance, participants will be asked if this information changes the likelihood they will seek further information literacy-related instruction. Results obtained will inform school, college, and public librarians about factors affecting perception and performance and can be used to design appropriate interventions for each group. Analysis of participants' willingness to seek further training will also be used to inform librarians as they seek to create an information literate population.


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