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Campus Access Thesis


English Language and Literatures



First Advisor

Fred Dings


Capital is a collection of twenty-one poems that explore and contemplate the people, history, and "place" of Columbia, South Carolina. The poems range in form, from tanka and other brief impressionistic/imagist poems to lengthier "jazz" or prose poems, as well as in voice, from the melancholy "On Our Parting" to the playful "Deliciously Racist." Thematically, the poems include meditations on death and longing, but also lighthearted commentaries on the indiscretions of local political leaders and the ambiguities/contradictions that arise from an openly racists restaurateur's barbecue being voted the best in town. The intent was to create a collection that simultaneously provides "a sense of place" while also portraying the complexity and subjectivity of that same place--a whole that is nonetheless very much fragmented and divided.