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Scottish literature, textual editing


This paper provides an overview of the history, sources, and editorial approach for the first-ever collected edition of the letters written to the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). Originally conceived by the late Prof. G. Ross Roy of the University of South Carolina over fifty years ago, and more recently planned as a joint venture with the late Kenneth Simpson of the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow, it is now in progress under new editors at South Carolina, as a distinct preliminary stage in work on the correspondence volumes for the new AHRC-funded Clarendon edition of the collected works of Robert Burns, based at the University of Glasgow. A preliminary edition of Letters Addressed to Robert Burns, 1779-1796, will be separately published in both print and digital formats to provide access while the fuller Correspondence is in progress.


"Dear Burns": Editing the Other Side of Burns's Correspondence; this prepublication version, (c) Joseph DuRant and Patrick Scott, 2014. Published version, (c) Burns Chronicle and the Robert Burns World Federation, 2015.