The Germ (1850) and the 1901 Facsimile

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Victorian poetry, publishing history


Reviews the publication and republication history of the four issues of The Germ (1850; issues 3 and 4 titled Art and Poetry), a magazine of art, poetry, and aesthetics published and written by the PreRaphaelites Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti and their friends, which included some of the first published poems by the Victorian woman poet Christina Georgina Rossetti. Notes the difficulty even for experienced bookdealers of distinguishing original copies of the magazine from later facsimiles, especially the 1901 facsimile issued in parts, and draws on research by the late William E. Fredeman to list detailed points for telling a true original from later copies.


Scott, Patrick. "The Germ (1850) and the 1901 Facsimile." Book Collector 62.1 (2013): 146-147. (c) Book Collector, 2012 ,The Collector Ltd.

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