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Friction stir extrusion (FSE) is a novel solid-phase processing technique that consolidates and extrudes metal powders, flakes, chips, or billets into high-performance parts by plastic deformation, which has the potential to save substantial processing time and energy. Currently, most studies on FSE are experimental and only a few numerical models have been developed to explain and predict the complex physics of the process. In this work, a meshfree simulation framework based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) was developed for FSE. Unlike traditional grid-based methods, SPH is a Lagrangian particle-based method that can handle severe material deformations, capture moving interfaces and surfaces, and monitor the field variable histories explicitly without complicated tracking schemes. These aspects of SPH make it attractive for the FSE process, where in situ evolution of field variables is difficult to observe experimentally. To this end, a 3-D, fully thermomechanically coupled SPH model was developed to simulate the FSE of aluminum wires. The developed model was thoroughly validated by comparing the numerically predicted material flow, strain, temperature history, and extrusion force with experimental results for a certain set of process parameters. The validated SPH model can serve as an effective tool to predict and better understand the extreme thermomechanical conditions during the FSE process.

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Li, L., Gupta, V., Li, X., Reynolds, A. P., Grant, G., & Soulami, A. (2021). Meshfree simulation and experimental validation of extreme thermomechanical conditions in friction stir extrusion. Computational Particle Mechanics, 9(4), 789–809.