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Standardized exercise protocols have been shown to improve overall cardiovascular fitness, but direct effects on left ventricular (LV) function, particularly diastolic function and relation to post-transcriptional molecular pathways (microRNAs (miRs)) are poorly understood. This project tested the central hypothesis that adaptive LV remodeling resulting from a large animal exercise training protocol, would be directly associated with specific miRs responsible for regulating pathways relevant to LV myocardial stiffness and geometry.

Methods and results

Pigs (n = 9; 25 Kg) underwent a 4 week exercise training protocol (10 degrees elevation, 2.5 mph, 10 min, 5 days/week) whereby LV chamber stiffness (KC) and regional myocardial stiffness (rKm) were measured by Doppler/speckle tracking echocardiography. Age and weight matched non-exercise pigs (n = 6) served as controls. LV KC fell by approximately 50% and rKm by 30% following exercise (both p < 0.05). Using an 84 miR array, 34 (40%) miRs changed with exercise, whereby 8 of the changed miRs (miR-19a, miR-22, miR-30e, miR99a, miR-142, miR-144, miR-199a, and miR-497) were correlated to the change in KC (r � 0.5 p < 0.05) and mapped to matrix and calcium handling processes. Additionally, miR-22 and miR-30e decreased with exercise and mapped to a localized inflammatory process, the inflammasome (NLRP-3, whereby a 2-fold decrease in NLRP-3 mRNA occurred with exercise (p < 0.05).


Chronic exercise reduced LV chamber and myocardial stiffness and was correlated to miRs that map to myocardial relaxation processes as well as local inflammatory pathways. These unique findings set the stage for utilization of myocardial miR profiling to identify underlying mechanisms by which exercise causes changes in LV myocardial structure and function.

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Samani SL, Barlow SC, Freeburg LA, Jones TL, Poole M, Sarzynski MA, et al. (2024). Left ventricle function and post-transcriptional events with exercise training in pigs. PLoS ONE 19(2): e0292243. pone.0292243