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A traditional composite cathode for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells (H-SOFCs) is typically obtained by mixing cathode materials and proton conducting electrolyte of BaCe0.7Y0.2Zr0.1O3–δ (BZCY), providing chemical and thermal compatibility with the electrolyte. Here, a series of triple-conducing and cobalt-free iron-based perovskites as cathodes for H-SOFCs is reported. Specifically, BaCexFe1–xO3–δ (x = 0.36, 0.43, and 0.50) shows various contents of two single phase perovskites with an in situ heterojunction structure as well as triple conductivity by tailoring the Ce/Fe ratios. The cell performance with the optimized BaCe0.36Fe0.64O3–δ (BCF36) cathode composition reaches 1056 mW cm−2 at 700 °C. Moreover, a record cell performance of 1525 mW cm−2 at 700 °C is obtained by modifying the BCF36 cathode microstructure through a spraying method, demonstrating high promise with Co-free cathodes for H-SOFCs.

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Tong, H., Fu, M., Yang, Y., Chen, F., & Tao, Z. (2022). A novel self‐assembled Cobalt‐free perovskite composite cathode with triple‐conduction for intermediate proton‐conducting solid oxide fuel cells. Advanced Functional Materials, 2209695.