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This work illustrates the application of the nth-order comprehensive adjoint sensitivity analysis methodology for response-coupled forward/adjoint linear systems (abbreviated as “nth-CASAM-L”) to a paradigm model that describes the transmission of particles (neutrons and/or photons) through homogenized materials, as encountered in radiation protection and shielding. The first-, second-, and third-order sensitivities of responses that depend on both the forward and adjoint particle fluxes are obtained exactly, in closed-form, underscoring the principles and methodology underlying the nth-CASAM-L. The results presented in this work underscore the fundamentally important role of the nth-CASAM-L in the quest to overcome the “curse of dimensionality” in sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification and predictive modeling.

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Cacuci, D. (2021). The nth-Order Comprehensive Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology for Response-Coupled Forward/Adjoint Linear Systems (nth-CASAM-L): II. Illustrative Application. Energies, 14(24), 8315.