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This paper presents a new methodology for detecting various types of composite damage, such as delamination and impact damage, through the application of multimode guided waves. The basic idea is that various wave modes have different interactions with various types of composite damage. Using this method, selective excitations of pure-mode guided waves were achieved using adjustable angle beam transducers (ABTs). The tuning angles of various wave modes were calculated using Snell’s law applied to the theoretical dispersion curves of composite plates. Pitch–catch experiments were conducted on a 2-mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite plate to validate the excitations of pure fundamental symmetric mode (S0) and shear horizontal mode (SH0). The generated pure S0 mode and SH0 mode were used to detect and separate the simulated delamination and actual impact damage. It was observed that S0 mode was only sensitive to the impact damage, while SH0 mode was sensitive to both simulated delamination and impact damage. The use of pure S0 and SH0 modes allowed for damage separation. In addition, the proposed method was applied to a 3-mm-thick quasi-isotropic CFRP composite plate using multimode guided wave detection to distinguish between delamination and impact damage. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method has a good capability to detect and separate various damage types in composite structures.

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Mei, H., James, R., Haider, M., & Giurgiutiu, V. (2020). Multimode Guided Wave Detection for Various Composite Damage Types. Applied Sciences, 10(2). doi: 10.3390/app10020484