Full Stroke Static and Dynamic Analysis of High-Power Piezoelectric Actuators

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Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


A method for characterizing smart materials actuators in full-stroke static and low frequency dynamic regimes is presented. At first, static and dynamic linear models of the piezoelectric actuator response under electro-mechanical excitation are discussed. Then, a thorough static and dynamic experimental characterization on a typical large-stroke piezoelectric actuator is performed. The measurements indicated a strong dependence of the actuator stiffness and piezoelectric properties on the electromechanical loading. The comparison of the model with the measured behavior is performed and the material coefficients are tuned to locally match the observed nonlinear behavior. The comparison also allows the identification of key parameters of the induced-strain actuator model. These parameters are necessary for design optimization towards maximum mechanical energy output and minimum electrical power input. The paper provides useful basic data for the design of actuation systems incorporating active materials actuators.