High-Field Characterization of Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive Actuators

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Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


High-field theoretical and experimental analysis of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive actuators is presented. First, the analysis of a piezoelectric stack actuator (PiezoSystems Jena PAHL 120/20) is described. A theoretical model based on the linear theory of piezoelectricity is developed. Extensive experiments were conducted, aimed at lowfrequency dynamic electro-mechanical behavior characterization. Curve fitting procedures are used to adjust the model coefficients for various load levels. Through comparison with experimental data, the model is adjusted to include nonlinear terms related to higher losses on the unloading cycle. Second, the impedance analysis of a magnetostrictive actuator (Etrema AA140J025) is described. Linear piezomagnetism is assumed, as an approximation to nonlinear magnetostrictive behavior about a bias point. Low-field and high-field impedance measurements were performed, revealing left shifting of the actuator resonance as the power is increased. Model tuning of the impedance model on the experimental data showed material parameters trends similar with those reported in the literature. Although the numerical values developed during this phenomenological study are particular for the actuators under consideration, the characterization approach can be extended to analysis of other actuators of this type.


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Pomirleanu, R., Giurgiutiu, V, (2004), High-Field Characterization of Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive Actuators. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 15(3), 161-180.