In situ 2-D piezoelectric wafer active sensors arrays for guides wave damage detection

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Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


This paper presented development work of an in situ method for damage detection in thin-wall structures using embedded two-dimensional ultrasonic phased arrays. Piezoelectric wafer active sensors were used to generate and receive guided Lamb waves propagating in the plate-like structure. The development of a generic beamforming algorithm that does not require parallel ray assumption through using full wave propagation paths is described. A virtual beam steering method and device, the embedded ultrasonic structural radar, was implemented as a signal post-processing procedure. Several two-dimensional configurations were investigated and compared with beam forming simulation. Finally, rectangular shape arrays were developed for verifying the generic formulas and omnidirectionality. The rectangular arrays yield good directionality within the 360 full range and are able to detect damage anywhere in the entire plate.