Predictive Modeling of Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors Interaction with High-frequency Structural Waves and Vibration

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Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


The modeling of the interaction between piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS) and structural waves and vibration is addressed. Three main issues are discussed: (a) modeling of pitch-catch ultrasonic waves between a PWAS transmitter and a PWAS receiver by comparison between exact Lamb wave solutions and various finite element method (FEM) results; (b) analytical modeling of the power and energy transduction between PWAS and ultrasonic guided waves highlighting the tuning opportunities between PWAS and the waves; (c) the use of the transfer matrix method to model the electromechanical (E/M) impedance method for direct reading of high-frequency local structural vibration and comparison with FEM results. The paper ends with a summary and conclusions followed by recommendations for further work.