Omnidirectional piezo-optical ring sensor for enhanced guided wave structural health monitoring

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Physics, Mechanical, Engineering


This paper presents a novel method for the detection of ultrasonic waves from acoustic emission events using piezoelectric wafer ac3tive sensors (PWAS) and optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensing combined with mechanical resonance amplification principles. The method is best suited for detecting the out-of-plane motion of the AE wave with preference for a certain frequency that can be adjusted by design. Several issues are discussed: (a) study the mode shapes of the sensors under different resonance frequencies in order to understand the behavior of the ring in a frequency band of interest; (b) comparison of analytical results and mode shapes with FEM predictions; (c) choice of the final piezo-optical ring sensor shape; (d) testing of the piezo-optical ring sensor prototype; (e) discussion of the ring-sensor test results in comparison with conventional results from PWAS and FBG sensors mounted directly on the test structure. The paper ends with summary, conclusions, and suggestions for further work.


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Giurgiutiu, V., Roman, C., Lin, B., Frankforter, E. (2015). Omnidirectional Piezo-optical Ring Sensor for Enhanced Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring, Smart Materials and Structures, 24(1), 1-13.