Low-cost simulation of guided wave propagation in notched plate-like structures


E Glushkov

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Physics, Mechanical, Engineering


The paper deals with the development of low-cost tools for fast computer simulation of guided wave propagation and diffraction in plate-like structures of variable thickness. It is focused on notched surface irregularities, which are the basic model for corrosion damages. Their detection and identification by means of active ultrasonic structural health monitoring technologies assumes the use of guided waves generated and sensed by piezoelectric wafer active sensors as well as the use of laser Doppler vibrometry for surface wave scanning and visualization. To create a theoretical basis for these technologies, analytically based computer models of various complexity have been developed. The simplest models based on the Euler–Bernoulli beam and Kirchhoff plate equations have exhibited a sufficiently wide frequency range of reasonable coincidence with the results obtained within more complex integral equation based models. Being practically inexpensive, they allow one to carry out a fast parametric analysis revealing characteristic features of wave patterns that can be then made more exact using more complex models. In particular, the effect of resonance wave energy transmission through deep notches has been revealed within the plate model and then validated by the integral equation based calculations and experimental measurements.


© Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2015, Elsevier

Glushkov, E., Glushkova, N., Eremin, A., Giurgiutiu, V. (2015). Low-cost simulation of guided wave propagation in notched plate-like structures, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 352, 80-91.