Prediction of attenuated guided waves propagation in carbon fiber composites using Rayleigh damping model

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Physics, Mechanical Engineering


In this work, a predictive model of attenuated guided wave propagation in carbon fiber–reinforced polymer using Rayleigh damping is developed. After a brief introduction, this article reviews the theory of guided waves in anisotropic composite materials. It follows with a discussion of the piezoelectric wafer active sensors, which are lightweight and inexpensive transducers for structural health monitoring applications. Experiments were performed on a carbon fiber–reinforced polymer panel to measure the dispersion curves and the piezoelectric wafer active sensors tuning curves. Lamb wave damping coefficient was modeled using the multi-physics finite element method and compared with experimental results. A discussion about the capability to simulate, with multi-physics finite element method commercial software, guided wave in composite material using the Rayleigh damping is developed. This article ends with conclusion, and suggestions for further work are also presented.