Excess Propagation Loss of Semi-Closed Obstacles for Inter/Intra-Device Communications in the Millimeter-Wave Range

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Mechanical and Civil Engineering


The ever decreasing geometrical dimensions of electronic devices makes miscellaneous cables or connectors of relatively large dimensions unwanted. Thus, wireless inter/intra-device communications in the millimeter-wave range become a topic of recent interest. In this paper, the excess losses of three groups of typical semi-closed obstacles (connectors, heatsinks, and printed circuit boards) in inter/intra-device communications are measured and empirically modeled. Specific coefficients for each of the obstacles are estimated to describe the excess loss in the millimeter-wave band. Validation shows that the empirical model structure combined with the specific coefficients can provide an effective and simple way to include various semi-closed obstacles in the network planning, simulation, and design of inter/intra-device communications.