Interaction of Lamb waves with rivet hole cracks from multiple directions

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Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


This paper presents the interaction of Lamb waves with rivet hole cracks from multiple directions of incident using the finite element approach. Lamb waves undergo scattering and mode conversion after interacting with the damage. Shear horizontal waves appear in the scattered waves because of the mode conversion. Instead of analyzing the whole large structure, the local damage area is analyzed using finite element analyses and analytical formulation is used to analyze the whole structure. The scatter fields are described in terms of wave damage interaction coefficients that involve scattering and mode conversion of Lamb waves. Lamb wave mode (S0 and A0) hit the damage from multiple directions and corresponding wave damage interaction coefficients are obtained around the damage. Harmonic analysis has been performed over the fundamental frequency domain and “scatter cubes” of complex-valued wave damage interaction coefficients are formed. The scatter cube provides the information of relative amplitude and phase of scattered waves around the damage that can be used for designing the sensor installation. An application based on real time domain signal has been illustrated for the problem of multiple-rivet-hole cracks using the scatter cubes with the analytical framework.