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Quantum Physics


Room temperature, continuous-wave bistability was observed in oxide-confined, two-section, 1.3- m quantum-dot (QD) lasers with an integrated intracavity quantum-dot saturable absorber. The origin of the hysteresis and bistability were shown to be due to the nonlinear saturation of the QD absorption and the electroabsorption induced by the quantum confined Stark effect.


© IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2001, IEEE

Huang, X., Stintz, A., Li, H., Rice, A., Liu, G.T., Lester, L.F., Cheng, J., Malloy, K.J. (2001). Bistable Operation of a Two-Section 1.3-mm InAs Quantum Dot Laser—Absorption Saturation and the Quantum Confined Stark Effect. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 37(3), 414-417.