Study of a Renewable Biomass Powered SOFC

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The objective of this work is to explore a solution to utilize biomass carbon by a tubular solid oxide fuel cell integrated with an "in-situ" steam gasification reactor. Non-catalyzed and catalyzed coconut shell carbons were employed as solid fuels, which were directly converted to gaseous fuels to feed the SOFC operated at 800°. Single cells showed variable electrochemical performances according to the catalytic additives. Sample without catalysts exhibited low power density, while those with catalysts such as Fe2O3 and K2CO3 showed higher performances. The enhanced cell performance with catalysts was considered to be the result of increased conversation rate of carbon and consequently high fuel concentration supplied to SOFC.


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Gong, Y., Chien, A. C., Mao, Z. P., & Huang, K. (2012). Study of a Renewable Biomass Powered SOFC. ECS Transactions, 41 (12), 44-89.