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We have developed a novel, non-intrusive fluid velocity measurement method based on photobleaching of a fluorescent dye for microfluidic devices. The residence time of thefluorescent dye in a laser beam depends on the flow velocity and approximately corresponds to the decaying time of the photobleaching of the dye in the laser beam. The residence time is inversely proportional to the flow velocity. The fluorescence intensity increases with the flow velocity due to the decrease of the residence time. A calibration curve between fluorescence intensity and known flow velocity should be obtained first. The calibration relationship is then used to calculate the flow velocity directly from the measured fluorescence intensity signal. The new method can measure the velocity very quickly and is easy to use. It is demonstrated for both pressure driven flow and electroosmotic flow.


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Wang, G. R. (2005). Laser induced fluorescence photobleaching anemometer for microfluidic devices. Lab on a Chip, 5(4), 450-456.