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Cost effective and large scale energy storage is critical to renewable energy integration and smart-grid energy infrastructure. Rechargeable batteries have great potential to become a class of cost effective technology suited for large scale energy storage. In this paper, we report the energy storage characteristics of a newly developed rechargeable solid oxide iron–air battery. Investigations of the battery’s performance under various current densities and cycle durations show that iron utilization plays a determining role in storage capacity and round-trip efficiency. Further studies of the battery's cycle life reveal a unique charge-cycle originated degradation mechanism that can be interpreted by a combined vapor-phase transport and electrochemical condensation model. Overall, the energy capacity of the new solid oxide iron–air storage battery should be properly balanced with the round-trip efficiency at optimized iron utilization.


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Zhao, X., Xu, N., Li, X., Gong, Y., & Huang, K. (2012). Energy Storage Characteristics of a New Rechargeable Solid Oxide Iron-Air Battery. RSC Advances, 2 (27), 10163 - 10166.