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Macroporous Pd and CeO2-added Pd network catalysts have been synthesized using eggshell membrane (ESM) as a template for enhanced methanol oxidation and CO tolerance. The microstructural characterization revealed a hierarchically ordered macroporous network of Pd reproducing the fibrous structure of ESM for a Pd-only catalyst, and a flower-like CeO2-decorated Pd morphological architecture for the CeO2-added Pd catalyst synthesized by a precipitation method. XRD patterns indicated Pd and CeO2 phases with good crystallinity. The cyclic voltammetry studies showed an enhanced electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation in acidic aqueous medium. Because of the preferential formation of Ce–CO bonds over Pd–CO bonds, the incorporation of CeO2 into Pd-based catalysts results in an increased CO tolerance, making it a robust catalyst for methanol oxidation in direct methanol fuel cells.