Exploring Metal-Air Chemistries with a New Solid Oxide Metal-Air Redox Battery

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This paper introduces a new class of solid oxide metal air redox batteries, targeting at stationary energy storage. Distinct from traditional liquid based metal-air batteries, this new battery has a completely new system design, which was developed from reversible solid oxide fuel cell (RSOFC) technologies, relying on the conduction of O2-. This all-solid-state battery circumvents the major problems facing conventional metal-air batteries with its unique design: a reversible solid oxide fuel cell is decoupled with a metal-metal oxide containing energy storage bed. This decoupling design allows for an easy exploitation of new metal-air chemistries, for example, tungsten-air and molybdenum-air. Theoretical analysis and experimental results both show that heavy metals like tungsten and molybdenum are promising redox metals to provide higher energy density for the new battery.