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We demonstrate the potential of an alternative tool for the fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices. A nanoindenter integrated with an atomic force microscope is shown to be a powerful machine tool for cutting precise length nanowires or nanobelts and for manipulating the shortened wires. We also demonstrate its utility in cutting grooves and fabricating dents (or periodic arrays of dents) in ZnSnanobelts. This approach permits the direct mechanical machining of nanodevices that are supported on a substrate without the inherent complications of e beam or photolithography.


©Applied Physics Letters 2005, American Institute of Physics.

Li, X., Wang, X., Xiong, Q., & Eklund, P. C. (5 December 2005). Top-Down Structure and Device Fabrication using In Situ Nanomachining. Applied Physics Letters, 87 (23),