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We report on a metal–insulator–semiconductor heterostructurefield-effect transistor (MISHFET) using Si3N4 film simultaneously for channel passivation and as a gate insulator. This design results in increased radio-frequency (rf) powers by reduction of the current collapse and it reduces the gate leakage currents by four orders of magnitude. A MISHFET room temperature gate current of about 90 pA/mm increases to only 1000 pA/mm at ambient temperature as high as 300 °C. Pulsed measurements show that unlike metal–oxide–semiconductor HFETs and regular HFETs, in a Si3N4 MISHFET, the gate voltage amplitude required for current collapse is much higher than the threshold voltage. Therefore, it exhibits significantly reduced rf current collapse.


©Applied Physics Letters 2001, American Institute of Physics (AIP).

Hu, X., Koudymov, A., Simin, G., Yang, J., Khan, M. A., Tarakji, A., Shur, M. S., & Gaska, R. (22 October 2001). Si3N4/AlGaN/GaN-Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistors. Applied Physics Letters, 79 (17), 2832-2834.