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Water resources management in Latin America and the Caribbean is particularly threatened by climatic, economic, and political pressures. To assess the region's ability to manage water resources, we conducted an unprecedented literature review of over 20 000 multilingual research articles using machine learning and an understanding of the socio-hydrologic landscape. Results reveal that the region's vulnerability to water-related stresses, and drivers such as climate change, is compounded by research blind spots in niche topics (reservoirs and risk assessment) and subregions (Caribbean nations), as well as by its reliance on an individual country (Brazil). A regional bright spot, Brazil, produces well-rounded water-related research, but its regional dominance suggests that funding cuts there would impede scientifically informed water management in the entire region.

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DeVincentis, A. J., Guillon, H., Díaz Gómez, R., Patterson, N. K., van den Brandeler, F., Koehl, A., Ortiz-Partida, J. P., Garza-Díaz, L. E., Gamez-Rodríguez, J., Goharian, E., & Sandoval Solis, S. (2021). Bright and blind spots of water research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(8), 4631–4650.


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