Fall 2023

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Scholarly Project


College of Nursing

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Dr. Christy Jeffcoat


Problem Statement: Assessing postoperative neuropathic mastalgia (PNM) among oncology breast surgical patients is not commonly performed using a surgery specific pain scale at large South Carolina healthcare organization and is historically misdiagnosed, mismanaged, despite representing a common and significant complication (Gong et al., 2020; Humble et al., 2015; Mejdahl et al., 2019). Studies show that early identification of patients with neuropathic-specific pain following breast cancer-related surgery facilitates better pain management and patient outcomes (Pereira et al., 2017; Sipilä et al., 2012). Assessing organizational readiness to adopt Evidence-Based Practice change is recommended to facilitate the identification of potential barriers to implementation and to increase stakeholder buy-in (Melnyk, et al., 2010). Purpose: The primary purpose of this EBP quality improvement (QI) project is to determine provider and key stakeholder perceived organizational readiness for implementing a Surgery Specific Scale for Neuropathic Pain (SSSNP) among breast cancer patients. Method(s): Organizational readiness for EBP was assessed using the Organizational Culture & Readiness for System-wide Integration of Evidence-Based Practice (OCRSIEP) survey (Melnyk, et al., 2010). Measurements used pre-survey and post-survey assessments for the identification of organizational readiness among the key stakeholders after SSSNP training (Melnyk, et al., 2010). Analysis: Matched T tests and descriptive statistics were used statistical analysis. Implications for practice: This project determined clinical preparation and barriers for EBP and the utilization of SSSNP.


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