Fall 2023

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Scholarly Project


College of Nursing

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Dr. Kate Jones


Clinicians experience work-associated trauma after unsuccessful resuscitation efforts and may internalize the trauma unless it is addressed. The purpose of this DNP project was to conduct a pilot to determine whether “The Pause” is a practice that could be adopted throughout the organization to promote clinician well-being after patient resuscitation efforts, often called a “code blue” event. The model for this evidence-based practice change is the six-step Rosswurm and Larrabee (1999) model. Data analysis included six measures: the number of code blue events that occurred during the implementation period, the number of code blue events that were unsuccessful in patient resuscitation efforts, the number of times “The Pause” was initiated by a team member, staff demographics, responses to a survey used in a previous study (Kapoor et al., 2018), and lastly, responses to qualitative questions about the use of “The Pause.” The results of this pilot provided information for the DNP student to share with the leadership team of the organization to determine whether “The Pause” should be implemented in other departments in addition to the Critical Care units.


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