Fall 2023

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Scholarly Project


College of Nursing

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Dianna Inmann


Assaults on staff are doubling in the healthcare field, and due to the urgent need to secure the environment, the use of restrictive measures is at times, the safest choice. The following project examined the implementation of a Behavioral Emergency Response Team approach in an Emergency Department, and the effects it had, on reducing the use of violent restraints, assaults on staff, and increase confidence of staff in managing difficult situations. An anonymous survey was used to measure staff confidence while handling agitated patients, and an event report was used that identified if de-escalation techniques were employed to assist in preventing the use of restrictive restraints. All staff in the emergency department were considered participants, on a voluntary basis, and any persons over 18 years of age who displayed signs of agitation or violence while receiving care. Chi-square was used to evaluate whether there was a relationship between the intervention of a BERT approach, restraint use and assaults on staff. Descriptive statistics were used to understand staff confidence levels.


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