Fall 2022

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Scholarly Project

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Suzanne Sutton


Problem Statement: At a hospital in Upstate South Carolina, the patient experience surveys identify nurse-patient communication on the post-operative unit needs improving. Over three months of Summer 2021, 83.5% of patients reported that their nurses listened carefully, 82.4% stated there was comfort with talking with nurses, and 80.8% of patients reported that nurses explained things in a way they could understand. Purpose: This project aims to determine if the "Commit to Sit" Initiative compared to usual practice will affect patient satisfaction scores. Methods: Nurse-patient communication components of the patient satisfaction survey were assessed before and after the "Commit to Sit" initiative. Inclusion Criteria: Post-operative adult patients 18 years of age and older. Patients must be considered same-day or outpatient surgery between June and July 2022. As part of the "Commit to Sit," nurses sat with their patients for three to five minutes for purposeful communication in the post-operative unit. Analysis: The patient satisfaction surveys of the population of interest were used to measure the effect of implementing the "Commit to Sit" initiatives on the nurse-patient communication components of the survey before and after the "Commit to Sit" initiative. Implications for practice: Nurses sitting with patients for three to five minutes can improve patient satisfaction and communication between the nurse and patient.


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