Still Life/Mexican Death: Mennonites in Visual Culture.

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Languages, Literatures and Cultures


This article deals with the representation of death in Mexican fi lm and photography that portrays the Low German Mennonite community. As it examines Carlos Reygadas’ fi lm Stellet Licht (Silent Light, 2007) and Eunice Adorno’s collection of photographs, Las mujeres fl ores (2011), it considers the ways these works allude to the Mexican State’s control of life and death in the early twenty-fi rst century. It emphasizes that the way Low German Mennonites appear in these examples of Mexican popular culture relates to the role of the Low German minority in Mexico today. It argues that by closely reading this fi lm and collection of photographs, we gain a better understanding of the relationship between Low German Mennonites that exist at the limits of State power and the Mexican State.