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This article analyzes two collections of poetry, Premos ( 1995 ) and La foto del greenhouse ( 1998 ), by the Cuban poet Reina María Rodríguez. It focuses on the formation of the subjectivity of the poetic voice, a process that is read through the thought of Julia Kristeva. Through such development, it is argued that the poetic voice forms connections with other characters in her poetry; Furthermore, it is noted that these poetic processes resemble the communities created by the poet herself. The article proposes that, in this community, the poetic voice judges its context, the city of Havana in the 90s , “the Special Period in times of peace.”

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Janzen, R. (2019). Páramos y La foto del invernadero de Reina María Rodríguez: La formación de un sujeto individual y colectivo. Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, 43(2), Article 2.


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