Mennonite and Mormon Women’s Life Writing

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Is the grain of the universe really visible? Working from the statement that the nonviolent Jesus reflects the grain of the universe, this book demonstrates how the grain can be visible in any discipline of the academic curriculum or its application in the life of the church or wider society.

Eighteen contributors shape philosophies of Mennonite higher educational institutions as they explore intersections of educational theories and practices with Anabaptism, Mennonite thought, and peacemaking. In order of appearance they are J. Denny Weaver, Justin Heinzekehr, Drew G. I. Hart, Felipe Hinojosa, Benjamin Bixler, Laura Brenneman, Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, Hannah E. Heinzekehr, Malinda Elizabeth Berry, Gerald J. Mast, Sarah Ann Bixler, Daniel Shank Cruz, Rebecca Janzen, Lowell Ewert, Rudi Kauffman, Lonna Stoltzfus, Zachary Walton, Angela Horn Montel.


Weaver, J. Denny, 1941-, (editor.) (2017). Education with the grain of the universe : a peaceable vision for the future of Mennonite schools, colleges, and universities. Cascadia Publishing House, Telford, Pennsylvania