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Machine-learning-based materials property prediction models have emerged as a promising approach for new materials discovery, among which the graph neural networks (GNNs) have shown the best performance due to their capability to learn high-level features from crystal structures. However, existing GNN models suffer from their lack of scalability, high hyperparameter tuning complexity, and constrained performance due to over-smoothing. We propose a scalable global graph attention neural network model DeeperGATGNN with differentiable group normalization (DGN) and skip connections for high-performance materials property prediction. Our systematic benchmark studies show that our model achieves the state-of-the-art prediction results on five out of six datasets, outperforming five existing GNN models by up to 10%. Our model is also the most scalable one in terms of graph convolution layers, which allows us to train very deep networks (e.g., >30 layers) without significant performance degradation. Our implementation is available at usccolumbia/deeperGATGNN.

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Omee, S. S., Louis, S.-Y., Fu, N., Wei, L., Dey, S., Dong, R., Li, Q., & Hu, J. (2022). Scalable deeper graph neural networks for high-performance materials property prediction. Patterns, 3(5), 100491.