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Georgia Tech HF/E students initiated and managed a multisemester project to experience the nuances of conducting HF/E outside the classroom setting. This article focuses on the lessons learned beyond the classroom: project management, team coordination, communication with non-HF/E team members, application of research methods, and integration of data to prioritize and guide design changes. The goal of this article is to help guide other HF/E students and educators when implementing similar projects by providing the lessons we learned from this experience.


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Fausset, C. B., Bujak, K. R., Kline, K. A., Beer, J. M., Smarr, C., Adams, A., McBride, S. E., & Burnett, J. S. (2012). Leaving the lecture hall: Conducting HF/E outside the classroom. Ergonomics in Design, 20(3), 23-26.

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