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Spring 2007



Report from the President..... p.1
Chesnut Scholar Reminisces about Doing Research at SCL..... p.1
South Caroliniana Library to Participate in WWI Project..... p.1
News Briefs from the South Caroliniana Library..... p.2
William Gilmore Simms Exhibit Mounted in South Caroliniana Library’s Reading Room..... p.3
University Archivist Produces Pictorial History of USC..... p.3
The Plantation Journals of Davison McDowell..... p.4
Scenes from a 19th-century South Carolina Rice Plantation..... p.5
SCL Acquires POW Logbook of WWII Hero..... p.7
China in the 1930s Through the Eyes of an American Consul General..... p.8
Board of Trustees Meeting Rooms Decorated with Images from Library Collections..... p.9
“Ethel Bolden: A Pioneering Spirit” Exhibit at SCL..... p.10
Ex Libris Society Holds Annual Meeting..... p.10
South Caroliniana Library Restores 19th-Century Scarborough Paintings and Frames..... p.11
Wade Hampton Symposium Held in March..... p.11
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. George E. Meetze, Julian Hennig Jr., William F. Bagwell Jr., and Dr. James B. Meriwether..... p.12
Memorials..... p.12


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Executive Council:

Mr. Steve Griffith, President
Mr. Simmons Tate, Vice President
Dr. Robert Ackerman, Vice President
Dr. Allen Stokes, Secretary and Treasurer


Ms. Nancy H. Washington