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Fall 2023


Nikky Finney: Her Introduction to the Society at the 86th Annual Meeting on May 13, 2023 ... p.2

"The sensitive child has accidentally been locked inside the archives..." ... p.3

Annual Meeting ... p.14

Grand Reopening Ceremony ... p. 16

Eliana Chavkin: Ellison Durant Smith Research Award ... p.22

The Richard Samuel Roberts Photograph Collection ... p. 25

M. Hayes Mizell: In Memoriam ... p.30

Memorials & Honoraria ... p.33

Welcome, Director Saunders! ... p.33

Letter from the President ... p.34

Letter from the Dean of Libraries ... p.35

Report from the Interim Director ... p.35

Are You a Member? ... p.36


Executive Committee

Ms. Beryl M. Dakers, President

Ms. Vickie Eslinger, Vice-president

Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Vice-president

Mr. Henry G. Fulmer, Secretary-treasurer


Thom Harmon

Graphic Designer

Sherry Simmons