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Fall 2019



"Justice for All: South Carolina and the American Civil Rights Movement"..... p. 1

Letter from the Dean of Libraries..... p.4

Letter from the President..... p. 4

Report from the Director..... p. 5

The Town Theatre in Columbia Celebrates its Centennial: Remembering its Beginnings and First Director, Daniel A. Reed..... p. 6

Gordon "Dick" Goodwin Collection..... p. 15

Town Theatre Through the Years..... p. 16

Historic Southern Naturalists: Bringing Southern History and Natural History Together Online..... p. 34

Hannah Hicks..... p. 40

Dana Landress..... p. 41

Eva McGraw..... p. 42

James Mackay..... p. 44

Andrew Zonderman..... p. 45

Memorials & Honoraria..... p. 47

Are You a Member?..... p. 48


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

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Mr. Wilmot B. Irvin, President

Ms. Beryl M. Dakers, Vice-President

Ms. Lynn Robertson, Vice-President

Mr. Henry G. Fulmer, Secretary/Treasurer


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