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Fall 2017



Boyd Saunders Presents Collection of Professional and Personal Materials to the South Caroliniana Library..... p.1

Letter from the Dean of Libraries..... p.2

Report from the Director..... p.2

Letter from the President..... p.3

New Faces: Nicholas Doyle..... p.3

Manuscripts Staff Update..... p.4

South Caroliniana User Services: Where the Magic Happens..... p.5

Return of the Wanderer..... p.6

Andrea L'Hommedieu Wins Oral History Association Award..... p.12

Solar Eclipses Then and Now..... p.13

In Memoriam: John Henry Hammond Moore..... p.27

In Memoriam: Sarah Graydon McCrory..... p.36

In Memoriam: Hendrick Booraem V..... p.42

Sean Gallagher: Research Fellowship in South Carolina History..... p.43

Jaclyn Carver: William Gilmore Simms Visiting Research Professor..... p.44

Anthony Stanonis: Ellison Durant Smith Research Award..... p.45

Katherine Ballantyne: Ellison Durant Smith Research Award..... p.46

Memorials & Honoraria..... p. 47


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