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Spring 2017



Letter from the DEAN OF LIBRARIES..... p.1
Report from the Director..... p.2
USCS Annual General Meeting 2017..... p.3
Memories of the Wauchope House..... p.4
Statue of Richard T. Greener, USC's First African-American Professor, to Be Erected in the Fall..... p.12
Portrait Conservation at the South Caroliniana Library..... p.14
The Egret's Plumes..... p.16
Vignettes of South Carolina: Jazz & Blues Musicians..... p.24
A Plan of Attack of Fort Sulivan..... p.36
In Memoriam: Georgia Herbert Hart..... p.38
In Memoriam: Sarah Davies Gibbes..... p.39
In Memoriam: Amelia Wallace Vernon..... p.40
In Memoriam: Leila Ann "Lanny" Sullivan Palmer..... p.41
In Memoriam: Dr. Edmund Rhett Taylor..... p.42
Memorials & Honoraria..... p.43
South Caroliniana Library Staff Members Prepare for Renovations..... p.44


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Executive Committee:

Mr. Wilmot B. Irvin, president
Ms. Beryl M. Dakers, vice president
Ms. Lynn Robertson, vice president
Mr. Henry G. Fulmer, secretary/treasurer


Nancy H. Washington

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Sherry Simmons


Jason Ayer
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