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Spring 2016



Library's 175th Anniversary Celebration Culminates with Visit from Cokie Roberts..... p.1
Funeral Homes and Celebrations of Community Life..... p.2
Report from the Director..... p.6
Society's Eightieth Annual Meeting Welcomes Speaker Vernon Burton..... p.7
Oral History Symposium..... p.8
Visual Materials at the South Caroliniana Library: Documenting South Carolina Design and Philosophy..... p.9
University Libraries Select New Director of Development..... p.15
Two Centuries of Living and Working on the Historic Horseshoe..... p.16
"Citizens Under the American Flag:" African-American Newspapers at the South Caroliniana Library..... p.20
In Memoriam: Sloan Hungerpiller Brittain..... p.24
In Memoriam: Harold "Hal" Brunton..... p.25
In Memoriam: Dr. John Mervin Herr, Jr...... p.26
In Memoriam: James Rhett Jackson..... p.27
Shakespeare on Campus - 1915 and 1916..... p.28
Hollingsworth Endowment Fund Benefits Visual Materials Division..... p.30
Visual Materials Volunteer Andy Chandler Brings Unique Skills to the Library..... p.31
Library's 175th Anniversary Celebration Culminates with Visit from Cokie Roberts..... p.32
Remembering International Women's Year 1977: An Oral History Preservation Project..... p.39
Aspire Grant to Support "Historic Southern Naturalists" Project..... p.40
Memorials & Honoraria..... p.40


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

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Mr. Kenneth L. Childs, president
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Mr. Wilmot B. Irvin, vice president
Mr. Henry G. Fulmer, secretary/treasurer


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