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Spring 2013



"A Few Words About Allen Stokes as He Retires as Director of the South Caroliniana Library"..... p.1
Report from the Director..... p.1
Report from the President..... p.3
Letter from the Dean of Libraries..... p.5
University of South Caroliniana Society Presentation to the South Caroliniana Library in Honor of Allen Stokes..... p.6
Lift Every Voice National Forum Presented in May..... p.7
Getting To Know You..... p.8
In Memorium..... p.10
Lieutenant William E. Johnson, Jr., One of "The Immortal Six Hundred"..... p.11
South Carolina's Everyman Artist: The Oscar Jackson "Jak" Smyrl, Jr. Papers..... p.15
Preston Brooks, Charles Sumner, and "The Caning"..... p.27
Upcoming Exhibitions..... p.36
Fiftieth Anniversary of Integration at USC..... p.36
Memorials & Honoraria..... p.36


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