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Fall 2004



SCL Mourns the Passing of Former Director E.L. Inabinett..... p.1
Uncovering History in the Reading Room..... p.2
Modern Political Collections Receives Floyd Spence Collection..... p.3
Staff Changes at the Caroliniana..... p.4
Spreading the Wealth: The Wolfe Collection is Donated to the Caroliniana..... p.6
"The Gentleman from Red Bank": A Count Basie Exhibit..... p.7
Dancing Through the Great Depression..... p.9
Thinking Ahead: The Success Story of John E. Swearingen..... p.10
A Schedule of Exhibits at South Caroliniana: Physical & Virtual..... p.11
Gift Items Available from SCL..... p.11
Memorials & Honoraria..... p.12
USCS 69th Annual Meeting Announcement..... p.12


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Executive Committee:

Mr. John B. McLeod, president
Mr. Steve Griffith, vice president
Dr. William Burns, vice president
Mr. Herbert J. Hartsook, secretary/treasurer


Ms. Kate Moore