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Spring 2000



Latimer Papers Offer Inside Scoop On The State..... p.1
August Kohn: Versatile South Carolinian..... p.1
66th Annual Meeting University South Caroliniana Society..... p.1
The President's Corner..... p.2
A Northern Light..... p.2
Compassionate Leadership: The Robert E. McNair Papers Project..... p.4
Maps, Maps and More Maps..... p.5
Fourth Volume of South Carolina Postcards..... p.8
SCL Staff News..... p.9
Historical Marker Commemorates Governor John West's Boyhood Home..... p.9
S.C. Academy of Authors Inductees Featured in SCL Exhibit..... p.10
Abbie Christensen and the Gullah Tales of Port Royal..... p.11
Black History Month Exhibit at SCL..... p.12
Memorials..... p.12


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Executive Committee:

Dr. Harry Lightsey, president
Col. Frank K. Babbitt, vice president
Mrs. Ruth Edens, vice president
Dr. Allen Stokes, secretary/treasurer


Ms. Meg Moughan