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Spring 1997



From the President's Pen..... p.1
Society's Annual Meeting Scheduled in May..... p.1
New Society Members..... p.1
Reception Honors Isadore E. Lourie..... p.2
Library Staff Seeks Preservation and Access Grants..... p.2
Name the Newsletter Form..... p.2
Experiencing History: A Visit to a Railroad "Stonehenge"..... p.3
Carolina Website a Treasure for Research..... p.3
Visual Images - Sometimes a Mystery..... p.4
The McDonald Furman Paper, 1889-1903..... p.5
Holman Endowment Supports Library..... p.5
Archives Work to Preserve University's History..... p.6
Manuscripts Division Improves Electronic Access to Collections..... p.6
Now You See Them, Now You Don't: the Reading Rooms' Student Assistants..... p.7
Plans are Set for 1997 Landmark Conference..... p.8


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

This is the inaugural issue of Caroliniana Columns. The name initially given this publication was USCS Newsletter, but a competition was immediately held among Society members to find a more suitable name. Numerous suggestions were made and, by issue #2, the name now in use, Caroliniana Columns, was selected.

Executive Committee:

Mr. Harvey Teal, president
Dr. Constance Schulz, vice president
Mrs. Catherine Richardson, vice president
Dr. Allen Stokes, secretary/treasurer


Ms. Susan E. Dick