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Fall 2005



Report from the Director..... p.1
Going Digital: The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of South Carolina..... p.1
Sprintime at SCL! (photos)..... p.2
Library Acquires Local College Materials..... p.2
Simms Bicentennial Conference (advertisement)..... p.3
Collection Discoveries: Napoleonic Connections..... p.4
University Libraries Move to New Catalog..... p.4
Oral History at SCL: A Plan for Growth..... p.5
Facemasks are for Wimps: Palmetto Pigskin Exhibit (advertisement)..... p.5
In Memoriam: William Jennings Bryan Dorn..... p.6
Archivists from the Bahamas Visit the Caroliniana Library..... p.8
Kaare S. Espendahl: Independent Architect..... p.9
The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893..... p.10
Memorials..... p.12
The Courtenay Public School (photo)..... p.12


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Executive Committee:

Steve Griffith - president
Dr. William Burns and Dr. Robert Ackerman - vice-presidents
Dr. Allen Stokes - secretary / treasurer


Kate Moore