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Spring 2006



Library Funds Established to Honor Allen Stokes and John Hammond Moore..... p.1
The Walter J. Brown Papers..... p.2
Shared History..... p.3
A Century of Culinary History: The Wylma Wates South Carolina Cookbook Collection..... p.4
Report from the Director..... p.5
Walter Thompson and the Beaufort Art Colonies..... p.6
“New Old View of the South Caroliniana Library Discovered” Revisited..... p.7
University South Caroliniana Society 70th Annual Meeting..... p.7
Dargan Papers Reveal 19th-Century Discovery..... p.8
Celebrations Mark William Gilmore Simms’ Bicentennial Year..... p.9
Report from the President..... p.9
Digital Technology Improves Access to Collections..... p.10
The South Carolina State Legislature in 1885(photo)..... p.12
Memorials..... p.12


Caroliniana Columns is published semiannually for members and friends of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Executive Committee:

Steve Griffith, President
Dr. William Burns, Vice President
Dr. Robert Ackerman, Vice President
Dr. Allen Stokes, Secretary and Treasurer


Nancy H. Washington